Faune et flore
Fauna and flora

In this gallery : many flowers but also insects and animals which thrive at
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La tour médiévale
The medieval tour

Originally there were actually two towers side by side. In 1525 on the foundations
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Points of detail

In this gallery we have put forward the points of detail of the castle:
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Le pont
The bridge

the bridge of the castle of Bourgon is the only way to get into
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La chapelle
The chapel

The castle chapel was built in 1525 on the foundations of an ancient medieval
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Legend has it that the calvary was erected by an owner of the castle
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Photo aérienne
Aerial photos

Series of aerial photographs taken by Quentin in ULM. We can clearly see the
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Newts on my way

A newt is an amphibian of the Salamandridae family, although not all aquatic salamanders
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Les communs
Service quarters

The outbuildings of the castle date from the nineteenth century. They have several functions
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Rallye du pays de Fougères
The Rally of Fougères

Rally of Fougères: antique cars enthusiasts have gathered at the castle of bourgon. Some
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château de Bourgon
Pictures of the castle

A few pictures of the castle.